Blackflysのアイウェアはブランドコンセプトの”Authentic Design With Curiosity”のもと機能性とスタイル、ディティールを追求し良質な素材を厳選、熟練したクラフトマンにより手作業で組まれています。

西海岸の様々なカルチャーをルーツとしたBlackflysは独自の解釈でモダンとオールドファッションを融合したContemporary Eyewear Brandとしてお客様のライフスタイルを引き立て、好奇心を満足させるアイウェアを作り続けて行きます。


In 1991, Blackflys was born in the warm California surf culture mecca of San Clemente.
Blackflys shocked the eyewear industry at the time with its unique designs and images, while many artists and celebrities showed their support. Since then, Blackflys has provided various styles of eyewear that do not sway with the times for over 20 years.

The brand concept is based on “Authentic Design with Curiosity” pursuing functionality, style, and details, with fine material selected carefully, and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen.

Blackflys will keep creating eyewear that will enhance your lifestyle while satisfying your curiosity as a contemporary eyewear brand fusing modern and old fashion through its unique interpretation from its roots of various west coast cultures.